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Call for Papers  

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Call for Papers

The first International Conference on Complex Systems and Applications (ICCSA) was held in Huhhot during June 15-18, 2006. The second ICCSA was held in Jinan, China, during June 8-10, 2007. These two first ICCSA were huge successes. The third ICCSA will be held in France, Normandy, Le Havre on the Seine river estuary, during June 29 - July 2, 2009.

This conference will provide a unique international forum, where exciting interactions and communications take place among researchers, and it will bring fruitful cooperation and collaborations to the world community. The third ICCSA will focus on recent advances in complex systems and applications in all fields of science and engineering. There will be several invited expository addresses covering recent trends and many invited lectures on problems of current interest and important applications in various disciplines.

The main topics of interest for this conference concerns:

  • Complexity and Complex Systems
Theories, Concepts and Méthodologies:
  • Dynamical Systems
  • Synchronization and chaos
  • Stochastic Complex Systems
  • ODE and PDE based modelling for complexity
  • Optimization in complex systems
  • Nonlinear System and Control
  • System and Control Theory
  • Distributed Control Systems
  • Fuzzy Systems and Fuzzy Control
  • Hybrid Systems
  • Modelling , Identification, Simulation
  • Interaction systems
  • Swarm Intelligence Methods
  • Multiagent systems
  • Neural Networks
  • Multi-scale Systems
  • Evolution and co-evolution modelling
  • Natural and Artificial Ecosystems Modelling
  • Ecology and bio-systems
  • Biological networks
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Geographical systems and territorial Intelligence
  • Social Economy Systems
  • Natural and Technological Risk Modelling, Simulation and Management
  • Artificial life
  • Cognitive Sciences
  • Intelligent Robot
  • Human-Machine Systems
  • Communication Network Systems

Submission for special sessions are welcome (see submission link)