oeil_circuit MCS 2005   
Modeling, Computation and Systems   
in IEEE-ICECS 2005    

Innovative researches in Mathematical and Computer Sciences are strongly affected by system modelling and its applications. Conceptual models, applied management and applications of networks are critical subjects which need new approaches both in Mathematical and Computer Science disciplines.

Safe communications in networks, IAD heuristics for routing in communications networks, efficient data and algebraic structures, graph theory and optimisation algorithms are some examples of topics in which innovative researches are developed and allow new perspectives in many applications domains. Recent advances in microelectronics and telecommunications gave rise of a strong interest to heterogeneous distributed systems consisting of multiple wireless sensors, actuators, intermediate processing devices, supply of environment measures, entreprise information and decision support systems.

These modern capabilities are becoming important constituents for effective implementation of strategic national and international programs in multiple areas (e.g. pollution monitoring, environment safety and security ...). Effective design, implementation and maintenance of such kind of complex hardware-software conglomerates require formal methods for knowledge capture and transformation, high level of reusability of engineering artifacts, autonomous and robust behavior of software and hardware components in order to achieve an ultimate feature.

Some topics (not limitative)

  • Chaos Theory and Applications
  • Synchronisation and Secure communications
  • Safe communication in networks
  • Graph theory and optimization algorithms
  • IAD for routing in networks
  • Neural systems models
  • Bioinformatics
  • Automata-based Modelling
  • Complex systems applications
  • Specification and verification of complex systems
  • Distributed software-hardware systems
  • Decentralized conception for decison support system
  • Semi-automated software integration
  • Heteregeneous Distributed Systems applied to microelectronic and telecommunication
  • Symbolic computation
  • Efficient algebraic structures



Prospective authors are invited to submit their manuscript in PDF or Postscript format to the workshop organizers. Only electronical submissions, via email, are authorized. The format is of 4 page-papers (using 10 point-font) matching with the general thematic of the workshop and specifically the topics indicated. This is the maximum number of pages that will be allowed including tables, figures and references. Accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings. In the submission mail, the authors should furnish the following information : Title of manuscript, author(s) name(s) and affiliation(s), clearly specifying the contacting author, all authors' postal and email addresses, phone numbers and 5 to 7 keywords. Papers will be evaluated by referees.


  • Full paper electronic submission: October 3, 2005
  • Notification of acceptance/Rejection : October 27, 2005
  • Camera ready submission of full papers : November 8, 2005

Accomodation and fees

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