EPNACS - Emergent Properties in Natural and Artificial Complex Systems
September 15-16, 2010,

a satellite meeting for ECCS'10,
Lisbon University Institute, LISBON, Portugal.

The 7th ECCS world's largest gathering of researchers in COMPLEX SYSTEMS will be held in Lisbon, Portugal, on 13-17 September, 2010. You are cordially invited to submit a paper to our Satellite Meeting in this Conference, which is the third one we have organizing in ECCS meetings, after:

  • EPNADS'05 organized in the 2nd European conference of ECCS in Paris, France in 2005 and
  • EPNACS'2007 organized in the 4th European conference of ECCS in Dresden, Germany in 2007.

The aim of this Satellite Meeting is to study EMERGENT PROPERTIES arising through dynamical processes in various types of natural and artificial systems. The session is concerned with multidisciplinary approaches for getting representations of complex systems and using different methods to extract emergent structures. Equations formulation can lead to the study of emergent features such as self organization, opening on stability and robustness properties. Invariant techniques can express global emergent properties in complex and dynamical evolution systems. Artificial systems such as a distributed platform for simulation can be used to search emergent placement during simulation execution. Special attention is paid to bio-complexity (but not limited to this topic) where global emergent properties can be detected.

Topics of interest

Submissions are invited on all the aspects of emergent properties in natural and artificial complex systems:
  • Self-organisation modelling
  • Evolutionary models
  • Complex modelling methodology
  • Complex modelling for decision support systems
  • Control and synchronisation of chaotic dynamical systems
  • Dynamics control through invariant properties
  • Dynamic graph-based models
  • Efficient data structures
  • Combinatorics of modelling
  • ...
using tools borrowed from various areas:
  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics, Applied Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Geography
  • ...