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By nature my researches are not constrained by scientific discipline borders, however, my poor brain beeing unable to embrace everything I have to focus on some specific topics. The main ones are:


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What i call "my" researches in these web pages result mainly of the interactions with many persons, colleagues, friends, students, etc. Impossible to cite them all, however here are some of them (apologize for those I forgot...): Cédric-Gaël Aboue Nze, Stefan Balev, Mark Bastourous, Brahim Batouche, Cyrille Bertelle, Jacek Blazewicz, Pascal Bouvry, Alain Cardon, Arnaud Casteigts, Serge Chaumette, Maciej Drozdowski, Antoine Dutot, Julien Franzolini, François Guérin, Chouaib El Houssein Harik, Luc Hogie, Mathieu Lafourcade, Juan Lu Jimenez Laredo, Gaetan Lesauvage, Florent Marchand de Kerchove, Aziz Moukrim, Damien Olivier, Brice Onfroy, Gilles Parmentier, Hervé Pelvillain, Yoann Pigné, Apivadee Piyatumrong, Olivier Poulet, Aurelia Rabia, Martin Rosalie, Eric Sanlaville, Fouad Semaan, Franciszek Seredynski, Krzysztof Trojanowski, Denis Trystram, and many more...