Electronic Communication. Political, Social and Educational uses

Electronic Communication

Titre: Electronic Communication. Political, Social and Educational uses

Auteur : Zlitni Sami et Liénard Fabien

Date de publication : 2015

204 pp, ISBN 978-3-0343-1687-3 hb



Contents: Fabien Liénard/Sami Zlitni/Marina Haan: Electronic Communication in Digital Societies – Yves Winkin: Prolegomena. «Do we really need to fly from communicational utopia? » – Pitabas Pradhan: Social Media Impact on Election Campaign: A Study of the Indian General Elections 2014 – Zhe Deng/Richard Balme: Chinese Micro-Bloggers’ Behaviors Towards Twiplomacy: Text Analysis of British PM David Cameron’s Micro-blogs – Aysun Akan: Making Sense of Gezi Park Protests: Gezi Park Protests as a Defence of Lifestyles – Abhay vir Singh Kanwar: Theorizing Cyber activism: Drawing from Durkheimiam lenses – Alain-Philippe Durand/Elyse Petit: The Teaching of French and Digital Humanities – Marianna Vivitsou/Kirsi Viitanen: The pedagogies of the future: through young people’s eyes in storytelling experiences with the digital in Finland and Greece – Olga Volckaert-Legrier/Josie Bernicot/Antonine Goumi/Alain Bert-Erboul: Text Messages: Enemy or Ally in the Spelling Learning Process? A Longitudinal Study of 11-12-Year-Old Junior High School Students – Sara Minucci/Marta Severo: Strategies for Building Online Identities in Academia. An Exploration of Digital Communication of Researchers in Social Sciences and Humanities – Danielle Masterton: Identity in the Era of Big Data: An Embodied Approach.

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